The Voluntary Register

“As a one parent family I have embraced the opportunity to link with others, to grow beyond my family and our family, but to welcome - my son’s family.  My son’s family was made with love and hope. The love came from the parents and the hope came from our donor. As a group of parents we consciously chose to seek connection in the belief that it is in the best interest of our children. Our children all shared a common bond - our donor. My son's family has grown beyond he and I and this has enriched his and my life.” Anna

The Voluntary Register allows people who have been involved in donor conception in Victoria at any time to voluntarily lodge information about themselves and their wishes in order to exchange information with other people on the Voluntary Register.

The Voluntary Register works differently from the Central Register; if two or more applicants are matched on the Voluntary Register, they are each contacted and can exchange information if they wish. It enables donor-conceived people to connect with others who have been created by the same donor (donor siblings). It also allows parents to connect with other parents who have used the same donor. These connections are not possible via a Central Register application.

If there is no corresponding match on the Voluntary Register then the first applicant will need to wait until another person with whom they are linked applies.

VARTA will need sufficient information that parties are related to be able to match people on the Voluntary Register. This is usually done using a donor code. Unfortunately, if existing records are poor or have been destroyed it may not be possible to link parties on the Voluntary Register.




Linking on the Voluntary Register is often easier than connecting via the Central Register as you know from the beginning that people have come forward and applied because they want to – it’s voluntary. Sometimes, however, a Voluntary Register match doesn’t go ahead because the match may not occur at the right time for someone. It is OK to delay and then proceed in the future when life is less hectic.