Applying to the central and voluntary registers

“I wasn’t looking for a father or anything. I was purely interested in knowing…me! I’m a sticky nose. I didn’t like the fact that there was stuff about me that I may not know. I now feel a bit more at ease knowing the answers to those questions….Sometimes the answers weren’t there straight away…I am so grateful that Graham (her donor) and Mathilde (his wife) let me have contact with them.” Kelly

VARTA manages the two donor conception registers - the central and voluntary registers - in which information about people involved in donor treatment procedures - donor-conceived people, their parents, and donors - is recorded. Each register works in a different way.




One of VARTA’s roles is to provide support and information to people applying to the donor conception registers and to those contacted as a result of an application.


Consider making an application to one register at a time. Think about who you would really like information about and apply accordingly. When that application has been resolved, and contact feels comfortable, you can then apply to the other register if you wish. For example, if it is most important for you to find out more about your donor you can apply to the Central Register; then later to the Voluntary Register to potentially connect with donor-siblings.