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Donor linking is the exchange of information between, or meeting of, people connected via donor conception treatment. Contact between parents, donor-conceived people and donors varies enormously, ranging from disclosure of limited information, contemporary personal or medical information, to occasional email communication, to forming a friendship.

The way in which people connected by donor treatment exchange information and/or have contact will depend on the wishes of those involved.

Following recent changes to legislation VARTA has received a high volume of applications. The applications to the Central and Voluntary Registers will be processed as efficiently as possible however there may be some delay. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience.
If you choose to deliver your application personally to VARTA's office at Level 30/570 Bourke Street Melbourne, please phone us on 8601 5250 beforehand, to ensure that a staff member is available to receive your application.

VARTA can help you through the process of finding out more about others you are connected with via donor conception.

We provide donor-linking counselling, intermediary, and support services to:

Connecting people linked by donor treatment is still relatively new. People may find the process exciting, but it may also be a little daunting.  VARTA staff can:

Our experienced staff are neutral, respectful of people choices and opinions, and maintain confidentiality at all times. Please contact VARTA on +61 (03) 8601 5250 to discuss your situation.

From anonymity to openness

When donor conception was first practiced in Victoria, sperm and egg donations were made anonymously. However, experience has shown that donor-conceived people, their parents and donors often want to learn more about one another and are willing to share information about themselves. People may be interested to know about medical history, personality, appearance, hobbies and interests. 

Curiosity is natural and healthy for all parties involved in donor conception - and for donor-conceived people, in particular. Donor-conceived people can benefit enormously from learning more about their genetic/biological background.

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