Donor Conception Register Services

What is the Donor Conception Register Service?

One of VARTA’s roles is to provide support and information to people applying to the donor conception registers and to those contacted as a result of an application. 

Connecting people linked by donor treatment is still relatively new. People may find the process exciting, but may also be daunting. 

Who can apply?

VARTA is here to support you through the process. Our experienced staff are neutral, respectful of people choices and opinions, and maintain confidentiality and privacy at all times.



From anonymity to openness

When donor conception was first practiced in Victoria, donation was made anonymously.  Experience over time has shown that donor-conceived people, their parents, and donors often do want to learn more about one another and are often willing to share information about themselves.  People may be interested to know about medical history, personality, appearance, hobbies and interests.  Some may write to each other occasionally and others may develop a friendship.

It is now understood that this curiosity is normal and healthy for all parties involved in donor conception, and for donor-conceived people in particular.  They can benefit enormously from learning more about their genetic/biological background.

Donor Registers Service brochure

What is an information and support session?

Writing your Statement of Reasons (SOR)