Time to tell seminar

"It's all about openness, honesty, how, when and why tell"

Talking to your children about how you became a family with the help of a donor or surrogate

Despite growing use and acceptance of assisted reproductive treatment, parents may struggle with the question of whether to tell their children about their origins and how to go about talking to them.

Run once a year, this popular seminar provides tips on how, when and what to communicate so that parents are empowered and children feel enriched by the unique way in which they came into this world. Speakers including counsellors, parents from different family constellations, donors and donor-conceived young people, provide insight and advice on all aspects of talking to children about becoming a family with the help of using donated eggs, sperm embryos or a surrogate to create a family.

Potential parents, parents, friends, family, donors and professionals are all welcome.

VARTA also has comprehensive 'Time to tell' resources including podcasts, videos and written material.

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