Louis Waller Lecture

Due to COVID-19, a date has not yet been set for this event in 2020. We will provide updates on this page in future. 

This annual lecture series commemorates the significant contribution Emeritus Professor Louis Waller has made to the field of assisted reproductive treatment in Victoria. Through this annual lecture, which VARTA has hosted since 2010, guest speakers raise and discuss controversial issues and challenge our thinking on assisted reproductive treatment and other relevant fields. Previous Louis Waller Lectures have addressed a range of topics on areas concerning ART, fertility and the law.

About Emeritus Professor Louis Waller AO

Among his many other involvements in law, Professor Waller was at the birth of a world first  statutory regulatory regime in Victoria, through his chairmanship of the Committee to Investigate the Social, Ethical and Legal Issues Arising from IVF, between 1982 to 1984.  The committee report resulted in the passage of legislation – the Infertility (Medical Procedures) Act 1984, and Professor Waller went on to chair the Standing Review Advisory Committee on Infertility (SRACI) between 1984 and 1994.  He then became the inaugural chair of the Infertility Treatment Authority (now VARTA) in 1995 and held this position until 2001. Professor Waller also chaired the first review of the Act during his time at the Victorian Law Reform Commission.

Investing in the earliest start to life

The pros and cons of egg freezing for social reasons

The child's right to know and family law orders

Looking back: the early days of donor conception in Victoria