Considering surrogacy overseas?

The important part in the story was the relationship with our surrogate mother. We always wanted her to be part of our life. Not that we see her every day, but we still keep in contact with her. But our life has actually moved on from just Matthew. We talk about different things that are happening; her daughter is in university. We do correspond with Christmas cards and we always send her flowers on Matt’s birthday. Karen

International surrogacy is fraught with complex issues, so you need to tread very carefully and put as much thought in the full process upfront to avoid issues down the track. Before embarking on surrogacy overseas, here are some key topics to consider:


Both research and anecdotal evidence show that children benefit from access to information about their genetic origins and how they came to be in the world. Prospective parents considering international surrogacy should ask if information about, and contact with, the surrogate (and egg or sperm donors involved) will be available to you and your child.